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The Cleversticks construction System is a British Invention.

Manufactured in the UK at Mountain Ash in South Wales.

Cleversticks is an educational toy with great play value.

The Cleversticks construction system has been supplied to schools through educational catalogues for over 30 years.

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For younger children there is a simple wheel where the parts easily fit together,
using hubs that slide onto a round pin giving a friction grip. For older children there is a more complex wheel and tyre assembly.

The complex wheel assembly uses a stub axle, which is engaged in a bearing and held in place with a spring clip inserted into a keyway.

The clip is a scaled down version of components actually used in industry.

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(This may be the first time a circlip has been used in a construction toy). Younger children may need help to assemble this wheel.

Sample artwork is supplied, but the most important models are the ones your children design themselves during play.

The large number of different components helps to give children maximum scope to express their creative ideas.

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Water play.

Cleversticks are great for making bubbles. The sticks and shapes hold lots of soapy water resulting in most combinations of components becoming bubble making machines.

The models shown are examples and may need components from more than one pack.
As Cleversticks contains small parts creating a risk of choking, Cleversticks are unsuitable for children under 3 years of age.